Other Papervision3D + Tweener examples

This is totally random, but just because I’ve seen a good bit of those recently, and because I haven’t posted in a while, here are some examples of Papervision3D and Tweener working together. Most of these are in Japanese, but still understandable for the most part – hey, it’s just Flash in 3d.

Here you find a nice Reversi/Othello game (in Japanese). It doesn’t feature any artificial intelligence so you can’t play against the computer; seems like a good game engine though, and sources are included. There are other examples here, including source.

Aquioux’s blog (in Japanese) continues to be a nice source of Papervision3D and Tweener experiments. Some of the stuff posted there definitely awes me. Use the third box on the left column to access the different posts.

Garapon (in Japanese) is some sort of game. Don’t ask me which kind. It’s actually a bit of a proof of concept, from what I understood; it uses Away3D (an iteration of Papervision3D) and apparently it’s meant to be controlled with the wiimote with WiiFlash. There’s more information on this blog post (also in Japanese), including sources (probably).

The same Saqoosha is working on a 3D Flex animation component, called FlexPV3DAnimator – it lets you create animation states and do transitions between them. It also generates Tweener code. Apparently it’s still under construction as the code generation stop working sometimes. More information, including a PDF presentation, here.

I don’t know what this is, because it’s also in Japanese, but it’s some kind of presentation where the slides are actually planes in a 3d cylinder. You can click on the (hidden) arrows at the side of the screen to navigate back and forth, and learn more about an actionscript framework called Progression. The guy who created it has a bit more Papervision3D-related content on his blog (no Tweener though).

Thanks del.icio.us (here and here) for all these links.

If you’re tired of Japanese characters and want something easier to understand, John Grden of Red5 fame posted a few Papervision3D examples on his blog. These include WiiFlash, Red5, and other crazy mashups, and one of them – the one where John uses two wiimotes to hit virtual drums – use Tweener for some simple animation. Awesome stuff nonetheless.

And at last but not least, Ryan Taylor has just announced his own AS3 tweening class, AS3 Animation System v2.0. It uses a different syntax approach than Tweener does, so if you don’t like Tweener’s loose less rigid syntax, be sure to check it out, as it also works with Papervision3D.

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  1. That presentation with papervision3d is pretty sweet, they are on to something there. The slides could have been less bland.

    If you are looking for blog posts maybe one on Tweener and the special short cuts for color. I was going to do one on this but on the wiki they aren’t filled in. I was goign to experiment but it could be a good quick article.


    I still think that Tweener is the best syntax its almost functionaly programming style. I am probably going to do another post with updates best animation packages with Tweener due to papervision and a few games we have used it in already its just too simple and quick.

  2. Hey Ryan,

    Very nice, thanks.

    This post was just a quick one because I’ve been collecting most of these japanese URLs for a while and I figured I had to post them somewhere. Some of the things like the small ones Aquioux do are too cool to miss.

    Actually there’s a lot I still have to post here about Tweener, it’s just that I didn’t have the time – the past few weeks have been pretty crazy between real freelance work and college stuff, I’m just going back to Tweener code now and we have a lot of features on the queue, some already working but not implemented, and some still being decided upon.

    And just as a side note, we’ll also be dropping the wiki documentation altogether in favor of real HTML/MXP documentation. Some of it (the shell at least) is already done on the SVN but almost all of the real content is missing, including all special properties.

    But as a second side note – _color is just a color parameter for tinting, as in 0xffffff. _colorTransform is a color transform object like {ra:100, ba:100}. _color_ra is ra of colorTransform, _color_rb is rb, and so on and so forth. On AS3 _color_?a go from 0-1 instead of 0-100 as it’s based on the new color transformation syntax.

    There’s no hue/contrast/brightness special properties but those are fairly easy and will probably show up soon enough, as soon as I roll the rest of the filter special properties.

  3. Cool thanks for the notes. Yeh I am working on some animation posts ,with Tweener of course, for a 6 part series to get up to speed with it quickly for some team members but also to share with the world, color stuff is where I had the question. Should be out in a week or two.

    btw I see you on MXNA now, it was a good idea I submitted there and get lots of traffic from it spreading my AS3 propaganda :).

    Maybe I can help out with the docs or rolling in the special properties for the new filters/hue/brightness etc. I will be needing those in an upcoming project and want to use Tweener as a standard at our work. I am really digging the syntax its very functional like. I think in AS3 Tweener has currently taken the lead in easy, fast, low learning curve and has been a staple of great papervision demos. Animation package is still alpha and Fusekit is not out in AS3 yet. You have a nice window to really jump ahead here.

    Now had I only thought of it 🙂

  4. Great example of Papervision 3D and Tweener working together – it was pretty new for me, thanks!

    Added your site to my favourites.

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