Great barely known Actionscript blogs

You know, MXNA is such a marvelous community asset, and I read it everyday, but sometimes I’m awestruck by Flash blogs that aren’t featured on it.

For some reason, this has become specially common recently, so here’s some of the valuable blogs I can’t get enough, but yet, that most development people would normally miss because apparently they’re not syndicated on MXNA. Or maybe I just don’t see them. Anyhow, here’s what I’d like to recommend:

Ryan Christensen’s draw.logic deals with a lot of technology issues, including AS3, game programming, 3d modeling, and WPF.

Thibault Imbert and Didier Brun’s is a blog dedicated to (real) AS3 experiments and feature development.

Michael Baczynski’s Polygonal Labs is such a gem. He talks about AS3, game programming, simulation, and everything else related to it.

There are probably more, but these are the ones I have added to my RSS reading lists.

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  1. Oh yes! How I agree with not-on-topic blogs on MXNA! Personally I’m not interested if somebody has his second child or went into holiday in Malaysia! Most of the topics found on MXNA now have barely anything to do with Flash.
    The links you’ve mentioned are also some of my favorites.

  2. Hey Zeh thanks for the mention. I track flash and WPF technology that has to do with gaming or interactives usually it just so happens some of the coolest stuff I find is right here on your blog and of course bytearray and polygonal labs. AS3 is a new era of cool (and useful) technology. Zeh is making life easy in our gaming development with Tweener and the bezier tutorial in papervision.

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