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The fair lady time has been specially rigorous with me as of lately, not giving me too many opportunities to fall into the hands of my mistress of spare time experimentation and open-source maintenance. As a result, I haven’t posted here in a while and, worst of all, there are a lot of Tweener updates (including a considerable internal rewrite and updating the example sources) that I have to constantly pause. The world goes on, though, so here’s some long-distance winking she has been sending me.

While Tweener doesn’t have special property modifiers for Catmull-Rom curves yet, Makc has a great post explaining how to convert Catmull-Rom splines to Bezier splices. For some odd reason I seem to have missed his original post on the Tweener mailing list so I hadn’t seen the actual code, but let me take this opportunity to congratulate and thank him on some cool code.

Takayuki Fukatsu has also just sent me notice of an AS3 special property class he has created for Tweener. It’s called MatrixShortcuts and it can be used to Tween properties of a DisplayObject’s transformation matrix, as well as some global transformation properties.

Always a flirt.

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  1. hi Zeh.

    the class Takayuki Fukatsu has made for Tweener, is a bit too hardcore for me to understand.

    will this class be explained, ie. how to use it and what it does?
    an example added to the examples list, would be good stuff too.

    I’m very exited about it, even though I don’t know what it does, as I’m using Tweener in almost every flash I do. but reading and understanding an entire class just from the .as-file isn’t what I’m good at.

    kind regards

  2. I can only second that felisan request : being no Flash guru i can only hope for some comment on your precious code for the great zeh class.
    Particularly, I tried to understand the registerSpecialProperty property, with what was given in the help, but i can’t make it work with as3 🙁

  3. I have an as2 project and tried using this code. Surprisingly 😉 it didn’t work. I got a punch of error messages. Having no expierience in as3 I want to ask whether someone did port this code to as2?

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