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TonyPa has been constantly updating his tutorials on tile based games for Flash. It’s been a while since I’ve visited the page and the list of available topics seem to be growing.

Strille is also starting a tutorial page about games on Flash. You can find his latest work here.

André Michelle has just entered the actionscript award compeitition with his pacman in 30 lines of code.

While we’re on the subject of flash + games, don’t forget to check the father of it all – Klas Kroon, from OutsideOfSociecty – if you haven’t already. He has tons of examples on his site, some very impressive. BTW, his pseudo-3D isometric technique inspired me to create this Final Fantasy Tactics-emulating engine, which will hopefully be used in the future.

Whew, I finally managed to squeeze some of the guys I admire the most in only one news post which makes some kind of sense.

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