It’s alive

Yes, I’ve been really away from the page for quite some time. The reason is, instead of working with Flash on my spare time, I’ve been learning on how to create real game content for the UT2k4 engine. I started it all with a pseudo-mod I created just as en excuse to learn the tools, but now I’m moving into more serious business and helping other mod teams – right now, I’m helping the Defence Alliance 2 team with some basic modeling stuff, but I’ll probably get deeper into it as I get more experienced with the tools and techniques.

As I’m learning how to create 3D models, skins, UnrealScript code, Unreal GUI and all inbetween, I’ve pushed Flash a little back on my free time priorities, and that’s why I probably won’t update this site much in the future, if at all. I’ll let all news posts and comments rest here for reference and read the comments (and delete spamming) if they appear. I’m still working 100% with Flash on my daily job, but at least until I adapt to AS2 fully, there won’t be much to post here.

Thanks and take care.

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  1. Good luck to you! Seems like you are doing great. I tried jugglinh both my Flash stuff, as well as learning UT2003 using the 3D buzz vids, but couldnt balance it. I will be taking a look at these mods, since I just got UT2K4. Keep it up.


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