MC Tween, Reloaded

A year ago I started working on some MovieClip tweening prototypes based on Robert Penner’s easing equations (I went to but couldn’t find any good one so I decided to start my own). I’ve been updating and evolving these tweening methods for quite a while (since I do use it on my everyday work) and I’ve just done a major overhaul on it (bringing it to version 2), and it has now been uploaded at its official release page on itself.

This is version 2.15.10, and although it seems to work fine – I’ve been betatesting it for two weeks on my “real” projects before deciding to release it – but I’d like to hear from users of this extension if it’s working or if there’s something that might be added. This is the biggest modification on it since it has started – even bigger than “moving from setInterval() to onEnterFrame()” – and I’m kind of anxious to see if any bug might appear. So if there’s any MC Tween user around, please give it a try.