Flash Hacks (by Sham Bhangal) is shipping

Just a quick note to say that O’Reilly’s new Flash Book, Flash Hacks by Sham Bhangal, is finally shipping. Quoting the book description,

Flash Hacks tackles problems and solutions that aren’t dealt with elsewhere. You’ll pick up insider tips from the experts, and learn about amazing and sometimes quirky aspects of Flash. If you want more than your average Flash user–you want to explore and experiment, unearth shortcuts, create useful tools, and come up with fun things to try on your own–Flash Hacks is the book you’ll need.

Also, I had the luck to contribute a few minor articles to the book, so this book has its very own special meaning to me.

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  1. The first book that made me really understand Actionscript was Sham Bhangal’s Foundation Actionscript (Friends of Ed) I then went on to read another 3 or 4 Friends of Ed Flash titles and even worked as a technical editor on Flash 5 Games Studio. Sham is a fantastic instructor keeping the descriptions simple and understandable without being patronising. This one is definitely going on my wish list. Look forward to reading your contribution too Zeh, I still use your MovieClip Tween class in my projects 🙂

  2. True. Even though I hadn’t read any of Sham’s books while he was at Friends of Ed, he’s a great author and a very nice guy to work with. I haven’t read the entire book, but I do expect it to be top-notch.

    Regarding my work — unfortunatelly my contributions are just that, minor articles – they’re cool but nothing revolutionary. There’s no dynamic tweening topic there, at least not from me, but I think this would be a very cool article to be covered somewhere (no matter which tween extension they use). The paradigm shift that’s introduced with its practice is just too big, I think it’s a minor learning step for most flash designers but it still gives a huge quality/speed/maintenance/etc leap.

  3. Hi Zeh, Tudo bem ? 😉

    I work as Flash developer at a great web-design company in Portugal, the best one according to many, and since we want to keep up with our reputation, we try to be well informed. As a result of that, we can buy all the books we want, about flash, design, whatever.

    I´ve purchased Flash Hacks quite recently and i´ve been reading it a bit on my daily travels to work. It´s quite useful, but … i find that it doesn´t cover a few necessary aspects of some hacks i´ve read.

    For example, in hack #46 – Html and CSS in Flash:

    There is a part covering “embedding images” in a textfield.

    Well, it covers the basics, but what about embedding them on an autoSize textfield with embeded fonts?

    That´s what i would really like to know 😉

    Anyway, great work.

    André Assalino

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