Hot new pixel font site: UltraFonts

Creating pixel fonts for hinting emulation might not be that useful anymore, but original “pixel” font design is still alive and kicking; now more conscious of Flash’s limitations (erratic filling and blurring) than ever. One of the newest exponents of such trend is UltraFonts, a slick new site by Truth In Design.

Joining the ranks in which and FontsForFlash belong, UltraFonts is a “pixel” font foundry, selling original fonts strongly suited for use in low-res devices, and specially customized for correct rendering in Flash. From what I see from their catalog they already have a respectable font collection, offering a wide variety of fonts as well as family variations. Nice.

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  1. Although Flash does offer aliased fonts now, there are limitations: Specifically, it’s Flash Player 7 only for dynamic and input text fields and there can be, depending on the fonts, tremendous file-size savings in using a pixel font over a non-pixel font. All this to say that I basically agree that there’s still a place for pixel fonts 🙂

  2. Yep, I don’t mean “wooow bitmap fonts are dead!”, that title was just a prediction on the future not in the immediate present. After all, I’m not using Flash 7 myself…

  3. I just found your perfect_dos_vga_437 DOS font. It seems to be a perfect replica, and I’m so glad to have it now after searching high-and-low for a TTF font that emulates the BIOS-based text-mode font perfectly.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about this font on your web site. It would be really nice to have this. Thanks in advance.

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