Now you’re just a name in my little black book

Sometimes the world makes me sad. Once in a while I do check this newsfeed’s comments, and it’s pretty sad to find lots of random spam when I hope to find information or questions on the stuff I’ve posted. After deleting dozens of unwanted messages, I had almost decided to close the comment system when I notice this entry on Michael E. Gunn’s, talking about MT-Blacklist. It’s a new, efficient MovableType plugin to block comments based on a blacklist, and it seems to work as a charm.

Time will tell if it’s enough, but now it looks like it’s perfect: my blacklist is already beefed up with a general all-purpose blacklist, basically because I’m too lazy to block comment by comment as new ones are posted.

And spammers, please die ktnxgg.

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  1. MT-Blacklist is awesome. Too bad there are still trolls who will sit down and enter comment afte comment until they find one that it takes.

    I’ve thought about requiring registration to comment, and looks like the next MT will have that.

    Great site ya got here.

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