Grafikonstruct is now hiring

Grafikonstruct, the studio I work at, is now looking for a Junior Designer. We’re an internet and print design work studio based on São Paulo, Brazil, and works mostly with fashion brands and design-related clients.

Ideal candidates should have good art/creative skills and basic Flash skills, and live in São Paulo – this is not an online or freelance work, this is fulltime employment.

While I normally don’t post news topics in brazilian portuguese here, I do know that there’s a few visitors from my country here so if you’re one of them and you fit into what we’re looking for, be sure to contact us.

Candidates should e-mail us at with information such as some personal data and a curriculum with previous works. There’s also this popup I made for spamming which contains a bit, err, less information… hey, I know, at least it looks cool.

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  1. Not that hard – it’s just a “melting” mask in series with different opacities. The real trick was creating the melting animation – I used photoshop (render clouds, blur, then one different threshold setting for each frame) which was kinda hardcore, but still easy.

    flash 6 source:

    It’s not the best flash ever, though, it was made under a few hours just for kicks (I already had the melting animation from an old, unused flash file).

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