You don’t just create a generation

One of the best things to come out of CES 2013 was Qualcomm’s bizarre attempt at giving a keynote. Here’s a video of the highlights (which are also covered in this article at The Verge):

Other than the standard amount of cringeworthy moments – as a gamer, I could not stand more than 2 seconds of Tornado92 – what really pushed my buttons is the company’s attempt to create catchphrases like born mobile, or worse yet, Generation M (which, I suppose, is another way to say Generation Z, or something). They probably feel that if they create a buzzword and repeat something often enough, it’ll stick.

Coming to think of it, Fast Company did the same thing. The magazine coined the term Generation Flux in a decent article, but their insistence on using this term on every issue from that point on makes me believe they have something at stake in spreading its use. I am assuming they have registered the term, and much like the disputes over the term Web 2.0 (where’s that term now?), expect it to get some traction so they can bank on it or something.

My opinion? It’s OK to come up with a term from time to time, but pretending it’s a common term only makes you look like a fool.