Upcoming talk: The work of ActionScript Developers in Brazil

For what’s it worth: I’ll be giving an (online) talk about ActionScript development in Brazil December 18 (next thursday), at 22hs local time, courtesy of the Adobe User Group for Rio Grande do Sul (AUGRS). This talk will be in Brazilian Portuguese only, and it’s aimed at people who want to know more about the Actionscript development field; I’ll be talking about my experience in the area, as well as how I see it working for other people. It’s not overly technical, but I’ll be talking a bit about the tools developers have available; it’s not overly personal, but I’ll be showing some of my work to illustrate my points and talking a bit about my experience to put things into context. Find more information about the event (including link to the presentation room) here.

The presentation will also be recorded and available later, as well as all material involved.

Update: the starting time has changed, and it’s now set as 22hs instead of 21hs. Sorry for that.

Update (2): the talk was recorded and is now available online. It lasts for around 1 hour for the main presentation, and another 45 minutes for questions. Thanks to everybody who attended! The turnout and the result was better than I expected.

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