Google Analytics does better Flash tracking

This is news to me: Google Analytics is updating their tracking features and adding better support for Flash tracking – it was possible before, but it’s just getting more native, as Google is even providing an AS3-based framework for that. Below’s the email that I’ve received through my Google Analytics admin account.

We are happy to let you know that the Event Tracking feature is now available in all profiles for the following Google Analytics Account ID: XXXXXX. Please note that you are receiving this email update because you are an ‘Admin’ or designated contact for the account listed above.

When you log in to these profiles, you will see a new set of reports called “Event Tracking” under the Content section. As posted on our blog, this is a limited release currently available only to select profiles.

Event Tracking allows you to track interactions with Web 2.0 style content such as Flash, AJAX, Silverlight, social networking apps, etc. We recently made tracking Adobe Flash even easier with the release of a new Flash Tracking client library. It allows for much simpler tracking of Flash content with drag and drop functionality and an open source framework.

To use Event Tracking, you will need to upgrade your site to use the new ga.js javascript. Detailed instructions on how to set up Event Tracking on your site are available on our CodeSite.

To find your ga.js code snippet, edit the settings for your profile and click the “Check Status” link on the upper right corner of the page. You can now track interactions beyond just pageviews.

Check the links above – it looks pretty awesome.

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  1. That’s sweet, I didn’t even know about Event tracking in GA. The tracking is so much more detailed. I’ve always played around with the thought of building my own GA AS Library, but even that is now taken care of by Adobe and Google… there’s not much more I can ask for. Maybe native integration into SWFAddress?

  2. I had been waiting for event tracking for a long time and just the other day it popped out into my account without any warning or press release by Google. For me event tracking is a far better news than that Flash Tracking news. There is not really much to it actually, no different data just for Flash or something new, they just made it a little bit easier to include GA.

    @Aran Where did you get that info about event tracking not available in AS3 mode?
    I’m really curious about that.

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