Tweener for haXe

I’m delighted to announce that Baluta Cristian has ported Tweener to the haXe language. It works pretty much the same as the ActionScript versions, although with a slightly different syntax on some cases. Find out more about the project here.

There are also other languages that haven’t seen the tweening light just yet – UnrealScript, Lua, others – and I personally think a Tweener port (or even new tweening engines) would make a lot of sense on these platforms. If I had the time I’d have already ported it to JavaScript, but nowadays I have to chose my battles, I guess.

2 responses

  1. Excellent! Haxe is very fun and when syntax/kits cross boundaries into that is pretty cool. The latest release of Haxe is quite fast. I have also thought of a common animation kit for Javascript using Tweener and that would be nice. Although UnrealScript and Lua are mostly for gaming this would also be nice to be able to animate basics the same in all platforms.

  2. I follow the messages on haxe list about the adptation of tweener with great expectative, the tween class on haxe come to fill a great empty on haxe tools. I hope I can use it soon. =)

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