Papervision3D now public

Papervision3D – the popular group of actionscript classes for realtime 3d rendering in Flash – has moved to its new subversion server (hosted at Google Code) and is now “public”. Of course, it was possible to download Papervision3D previously by using the URL supplied when you joined their mailing list or mentioned on their wiki, but it wasn’t officially public. It is now. To quote Carlos Ulloa,

Papervision3D finally enters public beta. It was already pretty public but people still send me emails asking for the code.

The project is now hosted in Google Code, where you will find all the downloads, issue tracking and project workspace.

So, without further ado, point your subversion clients (like TortoiseSVN) to and download away. You can also find more information about the project on the Papervision3D blog, including links to pertinent pages such as the documentation.

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