Open Source Flash Conference today!

Don’t forget! The second Open Source Flash Conference will be held today (June 15th), starting at 11:00am Eastern Time (use the time zone converter, the world clock or world time zone to find the proper local time for you). This is an online conference using Breeze, so it’s not only free but you can also attend it from anywhere in the world. Visit the conference here.

Here’s the speakers:

  • 15:00 UTC/GMT – 11:00 EST: Aral Balkan – Introduction
  • 15:15 UTC/GMT – 11:15 EST: Ralph Hauwert – Papervision 3D
  • 16:00 UTC/GMT – 12:00 EST: Aral Balkan – SWX
  • 16:45 UTC/GMT – 12:45 EST: Nicolas Cannasse – Haxe Programming Language
  • 17:30 UTC/GMT – 13:30 EST: Break
  • 18:00 UTC/GMT – 14:00 EST: Firdosh Tangri – ASWing Component Framework
  • 19:00 UTC/GMT – 15:00 EST: Igor Costa – Flex Applications using Flex 2 SDK and Granite Data Services
  • 20:00 UTC/GMT – 16:00 EST: John Grden – The Red5 Project

More information here on OSFlash’s blog. Also remember the sessions will be recorded for people who are unable to attend, so you can always watch it later.

Update: The conference is over! Everything went very smoothly; thanks to Firdosh Tangri and Aral Balkan (et al) for getting this done, and all presenters of course. I had to quit halfway through it and was only able to get back to see the last few presentations, but it’s possible to watch the recorded sessions here (as well as get more information about it) so it’s easy to catch up.

In other excellent news, they’re already organizing a second part for the conference, with other cool open source projects such as FlashDevelop, APE, Sandy, and others. Tweener will be there, represented by Nate Chatellier! Awesome.