MC Tween 2.19.22 released

I’ve finally released the new version of MC Tween, now 2.19.22. MC Tween is the actionscript extension I use on my daily real-world work to easily create code-based tweenings on MovieClips, TextFields and Sound objects.

While this new version adds some new (small) features, the most noticeable thing about it is that I’ve removed most of the internal comments – since people don’t actually read the code to see how a method is used – and moved it to a new website, complete with documentation and examples for download.

Update: I’ve updated the version to 2.19.23. The previous one introduced a callback error on certain multi-tween situations; it’s fixed now.

Update: Updated again, to 2.19.24. Another minor new bug fixed.

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  1. It’s basically personal preference, but in my case, because

    1. this is simpler (one command only)
    2. this is for flash 6+ (and was created on 2003)
    3. this adds a lot of new functionalities for faster code writing

    Like the page say, this is not meant to a tweening class but rather a fast+easy tweening engine.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for you great MC Tween, I’ve been using it for some time now and it keeps getting better and better 😀

    PS: e o melhor é que é feito por alguem que fala portugues 😀 abraços de portugal 😉

  3. I dont know what I would do without MCTween. It is the single most useful Flash script I have ever come across and allows me to create fancy looking interfaces and motion in a snap. Thank you very much!

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