Ludum Dare 24 starts today

Developers: Ludum Dare, the 48-hour videogame development competition, starts today at 9PM EST when the theme for this weekend-long game hackathon is announced.

I will be taking part of this fun contest for the first time, streaming the development process live at a Twitch.TV channel. I’ve wrote a few posts about what I plan on building and how (basically, some kind of top-down real-time strategy game for an Android tablet, using Adobe AIR, FDT and Starling), although of course that will depend largely on the theme chosen.

Here’s the “keynote address” for this edition of Ludum Dare, by none other than Seth Able Robinson (!), creator of Legend of the Red Dragon, a BBS game I happened to spend countless hours in:

This should be a fun weekend. See you there!

Update: done! Check Survival Of The Tastiest (on Android or online), or read the blog posts about the project, including a post-mortem. It was some work I loved doing, although it was a bit harder than I thought; next time I’ll have a better plan in mind. Regardless, it was a lot of fun.

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