Hey, there’s something new around here!

I’ve finally redesigned this website’s WordPress theme. Can you believe the old one was already 4 years old? It’s a much simpler design, now – less clutter, more focused on a pleasant reading experience (the content is still the same, though, so don’t get your hopes up).

I’ve designed and coded the themes I’ve used in 90% of the WordPress installations I’ve setup (I would guess that’s probably a dozen designs I’ve implemented or so). And even though this one has some better responsive features too – it should adapt better to different form factors, including mobile devices - this has one of the easiest of all of them to code. I guess I’m understanding HTML and CSS better now. Or maybe I’m just not that angry at it anymore.

Some styles still have to be updated – comments, for example, are still kinda ugly – but what a better way to test a website than in production, right?

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  1. Great job, buddy. In addition to comment styling, I’d love to see scalable images (in lightboxes) and some social media options. 🙂

  2. Don: thanks buddy. Resizable images/video previews are something I really need to worry about (it looks weird on mobile as of now).

    Social media options, well, I’ve intentionally left that out. Maybe in the future. Right now I want it clean… normally I share something “manually” when I think it’s worth it anyway.

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