Broken promises of HTML5

Chris Heilmann (Principal Developer Evangelist of the Mozilla Developer Network) recently talked at HTML5DevCon San Francisco on HTML5 and the state of the web right now. This is the video of his 1-hour talk:

I’d say it is spot on. Overselling and overbuying the state of HTML5 technology – by people either too ignorant to know better, or with too many commercial interests involved – has done a disservice to the current state of the web, and the result is a state of undelivered expectations, confused developers, and low quality results. Still, that’s the reality we’ve chosen and we all have to be better at what we do because the future is coming either we want it or not.

Or maybe it’s just my crazy talking again. Watch the video, it’s a good talk and more positive than it sounds.

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  1. Did someone say Flex?

    Reading about the setup for building and testing a javascript application – i am more convinced than ever tools like Flex is still the right choice.

    Until HTML 5 matures and Javascript is up to par with ActionScript.

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