Scaleform GFx now bringing Flash to the Unreal engine

Scaleform has announced that Scaleform GFx, their Flash-based solution for graphical user interfaces for games, is set to be included free of charge with the Unreal engine.

They’ve made a nice video of the thing in action, going all the way from the Flash IDE to a new menu and interface for Unreal Tournament III. The video brought a smile to my face — try to find out why:

The funny thing? I don’t remember whether I’ve said this publicly before, but Tweener was initially planned as an UnrealScript extension – I needed some tweening extension for a project I was working at the time (the UI for the Defence Alliance 2 mod for Unreal Tournament 2004), and a MC Tween-like syntax wouldn’t work. In the end I dropped the idea since I would have not enough time to complete it for the mod, and instead took it over for AS2/AS3 a little bit later. It’s super nice seeing it going all the way around and finally being used in the game by way of Scaleform GFx – I don’t think game UI systems have anything nearly as practical as the tweening concepts Actionscript has had for a few years.

Of course, any other tweening extension will probably work within Scaleform GFx, so it’s not like Tweener is any kind of bundle; it was merely what they were using in their example.

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  1. Lídio: a questão é mais complexa. Não é um programa que se compra, mas sim algo que se usa num engine, num jogo. Paga-se pela licença do framework, não por um editor.

    Unreal 3 (inclusive o Unreal UDK) agora vem com o treco embutido, então em breve qualquer um vai poder usar o sistema pra ver, a partir do UDK 3.

  2. Grande Zeh!!! Meu, fico ate o final das minhas ferias mesmo, dia 28 de julho ja devo estar de volta ao Brasil… E aeh como esta a vida corrida por aqui em NY?! To adorando essa cidade meu, tudo funciona, tudo muito bacana!!! Vamos ver se a gente se encontra, da um toc no email… Absss =D

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