Attending Campus Party

This week I’ll be working from Campus Party, so for the curious, I’ll be doing small twitter updates (mostly in Brazilian Portuguese) from there. I won’t do any kind of live coverage or public reporting or anything, since I’ll be there mostly to see friends (in the Games area) though, but if anyone else is also attending: see you there.

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  1. Man, I wish. We’re not *that* advanced. It’s mainly a lot of people playing games, writing inane blog posts, and twittering like mad. It’s cool, lanparty-wise, and it has a nicve structure, but it’s mainly a huge social networking event instead of a collective nerdgasm (like a real demoparty).

    If that’s any kind of relief, some of the guys who used to follow the demoscene with me are here too. And on wednesday someone will be giving a demoscene presentation/talk, probably showing stuff from Mindcandy! That totally caught me by surprise when I saw it on the schedule.

  2. Well, that’s something! 🙂
    It does sound like the Spanish Campus Party. It was always all about having a lot of people playing games and downloading porn.

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