Where are the new Flash Player version penetration stats?

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Adobe’s Flash Player Version Penetration stats page is still stuck showing statistics for June 2008. Considering the previous versions of the survey, the next update would have a column for September, and according to my not-so-empirical analysis of archived versions of the page, Adobe’s website would usually update with new information the same month of the column, or the following month tops; we’re already on November, however, and there’s no update for September so far.

Adobe may have just delayed the survey for one month – they did so in 2006, for example, when there was no March 2006 survey, but an April 2006 one (shortly before dumping NPD in favor of Millward Brown, by the way). Or maybe there’s something else, like a change in methodology or a delay so that some early Flash 10 penetration can be included. All my own speculation, though, as I can’t think of any real reason for such a delay.

Update: The stats page has been update with numbers for September. Thanks Adobe.

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  1. I didn’t see Ryan’s comment before checking with Emmy, but they’ve been submitted to the web team and are scheduled for the next push, probably sometime next week.

    Timing is about the same as always… consumer audits are conducted quarterly, then take awhile to go through the agency to us, then us to the web team, then to the web.

    Sense I got was there’s no big drama or surprises in this quarter’s audit, just the usual drama and surprises… 😉


  2. Ryan, John —

    Thanks a lot! I didn’t expect/believe any drama, just thought it was curious they weren’t up already. I’ll be using those numbers on my college thesis paper due out later this month, that’s why I was checking that almost daily to see if they were up and I was starting to scratch my head and in confusion (not to mention biting my toenails).

  3. “…numbers on my college thesis paper due out later this month…”

    ah, I see. They should be up sometime next week, but if I see they’re not, I’ll try to get them and add them to comments here.

    (Wouldn’t include Player 10 numbers, because the final build didn’t go out until October. Player 8 should be down to less than 1%, and MovieStar will probably be up in the 90s.)


  4. Yeah… I don’t know what you guys are seeing, but when I go to that page, I’m still seeing stats for version 9 only and we are into 2009 now. What gives?

  5. @ben: that’s expected. When the “september” survey was conducted, Flash 10 wasn’t out yet. The “december” survey, which should be published soon, should have some numbers for Flash 10. I’m a bit optimistic I guess, but I’m predicting a 60% penetration rate.

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