Picnik now supports Pixel Bender

Picnik, the official online image editing software for Flickr (and others), has just added support for Pixel Bender, Adobe’s pixel shader-like platform. Users can not only use Pixel Bender files they have created or found online (say, from Adobe’s Pixel Bender Exchange), but also use an assortment of readily available filters inside Picnik. There’s a photo thread about it here, with users showing off the results of said filters applied to their own images (you have to go to Picnik’s main app and activate the “Sandbox” feature to use it; editing from Flickr won’t work).

This, and a few other similar developments, make me believe Flash Player 10 will have the fastest adoption rate of all player versions – big websites and online applications will want to push it out. Call me crazy, but I think in 6 months it’ll have a 90% penetration rate already – previous versions needed around one year to reach that mark – and we’ll all be able to target it without feeling too guilty about it.

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