AIR 1.5 is out, Fnk follows suit

Holy deployables, Adobe has silently made AIR 1.5 available for installation today. Among other things, it now supports Flash 10; you can find more information here (source: Jen deHaan).

As I’ve just been waiting for it, I’ve now made my own crazy application/language/editor/experiment Fnk available as an AIR 1.5 application. You can install it from here (or a direct link to the .air file of the current version here). No fancy-schmancy AIR features yet; it has no auto updates or unrestricted file reading/writing or anything, so it runs pretty much like the browser version. But it’s certainly nice to see it running as a standalone application. As much as I enjoy having the ability to run something from the web (and it’s a core feature of Fnk), being able to double-click .fnk files and have them open on an editor is certainly convenient. Sort of ironic I guess, but since AIR allows us to deploy applications on both fronts almost seamlessly, I don’t have to choose what to support exclusively.

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  1. E ae, Zeh!?

    Po, muito loco esse Fnk!

    Legal a possibilidade de executar/criar diversas funções e cálculos matemáticos em tempo-real. E é bem divertido.

    Parabéns pelo projeto!

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