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  1. I’m so happy that Brazil is going to host 2014 fifa world cup… I don’t know if we are ready to host a big event like a world cup, since we don’t have many stadiums ready for the games but I know government will do the best to build everything on time. I saw this video ( http://www.weshow.com/br/p/19726/copa_do_mundo_2014_no_brasil ) on the internet that shows the stadiums they are going to build. Some of them already exists, others are just a project. Let’s go Brazil! Let’s do the best world cup of all time!

  2. What’s great about it is the fact that most Stadiums will receive PRIVATE verbs, not government verbs. 🙂 So it’s a lot more reassuring. For example, Morumbi’s project is pretty much done, and it’s all 100% private funds.

  3. I just hope that our team improve their work too..
    I’m not really satisfied with Brazil’s soccer lately.. So 7 years to train hard hehe

  4. Not accordingly to the Maya calendar, which predicts that the Sun will also reverse its own magnetic poles during 2012 as result of reaching the end of the current 11-year sunspot cycle. Therefore we may experience some enourmous changes regarding human life on this planet, and I guess the World Cup wouldn’t be anything but superfluous.

  5. Hi I am from Macedonia,small country in Europe and i support Brazil’s host for world cup.I know rio de janeirio is one of the most beatifull city in the world. you have beautifull country.i want Brazilian football, i am brazilian fan and its the best in the world.I agree with you the best players come from brazil. But one is the brazilian team, and the other is organization of world cup,its not same thing. To organize World Cup is such a big thing. How do you comment accident in salvador. that is horrible what happend in salvador(7 death people). I see matches from brazilian league and in first league (for example corinthians, flamengo, sao paolo etc.)and you couldnt organized good match like in europe,in brazil on match the fans are fithing each other, with the police, the fans enter on the grass……you cant say to me i dont know about brazil because i know and i am football fan and i see on tv like europes league.come on be honest compare brazilian matches with english, german, spanish,frennc matches.eej you have 7 deaths on football match(horrible) Imagine it what could happend on big matches on World Cup.Imagine what could happen for example if brazil lose and wouldnt be the champion (like in world cup final when brazil lose from uruguay).i think that brazil is not able to organize world cup and i think thet you should be wait abot 20-30 years to be host.I want brazil to be the host and i love the brazilian’s passion for football and i like the way how they play but i think that the lifes of people are more important. Give the world cup to country who is able to organize like Germany,USA,Japan,China, Spain, England,Australia etc.

  6. Oh please. Way to skew what was an ACCIDENT and to turn into something completely unrelated. The stadium that had that accident was already the worst stadium in the country, and who even said it would be a World Cup stadium?

    As to the rest of your post, you do NOT know about Brazil. We may have a lot of problems to deal with but you’re talking completely gibberish. Every country has their issues to deal with. Doesn’t UK/Europe have hooligans? Didn’t Italy had that recent problem with fan violence on their national tournament that even caused a death and a couple of matches to be canceled or postponed?

  7. I have been to several of the top stadiums in Brasil and stadiums is not my concern. Rio has been upgrading Maracana for several year and they’ve done a fantastic job. Rio has also just open a beautiful new stadium that was used in the Pan Am games. My concern for Brasil is transportation. Brasil does not have a rail system and the road system lacks a lot. I’m concerned what will happen when 20,000 English (or other country) fans show up – or worse, 50,000 Argentinians – and they have one game in Porto Alegre and the next game in Brasilia. How will Brasil get these fans from one city to the next? Buses? Planes? Hopefully the next seven years will see thousands of people get jobs in construction to deal with these issues. Brasil always finds a way to make things work, let’s pray they do it again.

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