Another one dusts off the bytes

It is my utmost pleasure to announce that my not-very-old chap Nate Chatellier now has a blog. For those of you wondering, Nate is the mind behind the Actionscript 3 version of Tweener; he was the one who ported the original AS2 code to AS3 and while we now keep the AS2 and AS3 version in sync (updates are usually done on both versions pretty much at the same time), he’s also integral part of the decision making process behind the Tweener architecture, and has also created a few other nice things for Tweener (although not all of those are online just yet).

He works exclusively with AS3, and right now his blog is focusing on AS3 emerging features and AS2-AS3 porting issues. A good read for anyone contemplating making the move.

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  1. Man, I even get a catchy title! This is why you’re in a whole other bracket of creativity than I am Zeh 😉

    Thanks for the post, and thanks for being the brains behind Tweener. It really is a brilliant project!!

  2. Fellas –

    Yes, nice title Zeh … quite creative indeed.

    I read through all of the Tweener docs this morning. Nice work and thanks for continuing to be of great service to the Flash community.

    Not to be pushy or anything, but when do you see the filer tweening being complete?


  3. Craig: it’s hard to say something about the *complete* set of filters.

    After I was done with the BlurFilter, I had to code a few more features internally, to make the other filters work strictly under the modularity concept of tweener (as separated, non-hardcoded special properties)… so I had to create a new kind of “special property” and it took some time. That’s why I’ve added the Blur filters and didn’t immediately follow with the other filters.

    The good news is that I’m done with those changes – they will be sent to the SVN probably after this weekend, I still have to port it to AS3 and polish the comments a bit – and after that I’ll be back to the filters, probably following the glow -> bevel -> others order.

    Those changes also added the bezier tweening support. I’m particularly proud of that as the feature is pretty flexible.

    So it’s hard to say something about them all. I can only say that the class is still in its infancy, but slowly getting mature.

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