PlayStation 3 runs Flash

Sony has just released the new PS3, and Chris Remo has just now his PS3 preview/review on the Shack. The semi-surprise is that the PS3 browser does run Flash content; see an screenshot here.

This has been the center of a recent discussion on Flashcoders: whether or not the PS3 would run Flash. It seemed it would, giving some of the examples mentioned when talking about the browser, but information of it running was sketchy at best. Seems like all doubts have ended. Considering some of the replies on that thread and the fact that YouTube runs on it, it looks like it’s running Flash 7 (at least).

The same applies to the Wii: we know it will run Flash content, but not the version yet; there’s a lot more on that here.

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  1. The PS3 desperately needs an upgrade to its flash player. Half the sites on the internet are 8 or higher! It’s a bit lame to include the ‘minimum’ flash that doesn’t support many aplications in a ‘next gen’ console…yea right?

  2. Hell yeah, cant do shit with flash player 7.. but i mean.. its just a matter of time till sony comes with a software update that will include new flash i guess.. just sux atm

  3. Tom I totally agree, I hate trying to browse the web with my ps3’s browser. It seems like only youtube works. We need a ps3 browser that can handle the latest versions of flash!

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