Robert Penner updates his easing equations page

Everybody’s equation hero Robert Penner has updated his easing equations page. Worth of note now is that his equations are now licensed under BSD, that he has added a few more links to the page and, more importantly, that he’s hosting the entire tweening chapter of his book on the site on the form of a PDF download. Great stuff.

As a result, I’ve updated MC Tween to version 2.28.29. Not much has changed, though – just the license information is included, and a new shortcut method (resizeTo). I’ve also added a few more links to the site (mentioning Robert Penner’s online chapter, licensing, etc) and making a PDF version of the documentation available also in the form of a PDF download (made by Armando Estrada).

Hopefully I’ll be able to make my AS2-native tweening extension public soon. I’ve been using it exclusively on a few projects and I think it’s coming out nicely although there’s no documentation whatsoever yet.