First official Flash 8 work

Studio 8 Skull Leader taking possession of this Zentraedi piece of technologyWell, it has begun. Apparently, we don’t even need the good news that Flash Player 8 adoption has been faster than all other versions: just a mention of some of the new features (specially related to video and the new express install) was enough to convince the client that Flash 8 was the better option.

The result is Bossa Nova Film’s new website (in both english and brazilian portuguese) – designed by the fine folks from Grafikonstruct then assembled/coded by me using Flash 8. And here’s a warning (if you’re at work and use speakers): the site contains some small sound on the language selection menu, when selecting areas from the main menu, and when playing video.

Apart from the superior video quality and express installation, a few of the other new features make their appearance on this work too: blurring on a few transitions, subtle motion blurring when moving blocks of text (both using MC Tween), duplicating loaded images (with the new BitmapData class), and superior text quality thanks to the new font rendering engine (the submenus look so crisp now – you had to see them on previous versions of Flash).

So yeah, it kicks ass. While there’s always the occasional gig that has to be done on some previous version – like ads – I can honestly say I’m pretty comfortable in never looking back anymore.

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  1. Man, You rock… Just because you warned us about the sound! I love flash as much as anyone,.. I just hate getting scarerd outta me wits when someones SFX fit in the middle of long period of diligent browsing. ;-P

    Great Job by the way!

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