Raven Software is looking for an user interface designer

Looking for a change of seasons? Raven Software, developers of games such as X-Men Legends, Soldier of Fortune, Heretic, Hexen and Quake 4, is looking for an artist to develop user interface stuff for their next-generation games. Here it goes,

Raven Software, developer of numerous AAA award winning games, including Soldier of Fortune 1 & 2, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, and X-Men Legends, is seeking an artist to create innovative menus and user interfaces for an upcoming, next-generation game. Work with us on location at our brand new studio facilities in Madison, Wisconsin where we offer an outstanding compensation and benefits package, a team environment, low cost of living, and an exceptional quality of life!

Job Type: Full Time

Menu / UI Artist

The Position:

Raven Software is hiring an artist to create innovative menus and user interfaces. This artist will be developing concept and production art for current and next-generation platforms, including Xbox/Xbox 360, PS2/PS3, and PC.


• Develop menus and graphical user interfaces from concept thru production.
• Work with programmers and artists to transition concepts to production art.
• Work with programmers to troubleshoot and fix errors.
• Assist with other art tasks as assigned.


• Strong experience in designing and producing menus and graphical user interfaces.
• Highly knowledgeable in 3D Studio Max.
• Experience designing and producing composite menus.
• Any experience with Flash and swift3D would be helpful.
• Knowledge of HTML and/or XML.

The ideal candidate will also have:

• Work experience in the videogames industry – having shipped at least 1 title.
• Experience with Maya.
• Experience with designing and producing effects art.
• Experience with ActionScript.
• Able to work with a team or independently.

Experiente with ActionScript, and XML knowledge, humm… I wonder if they have anything in store for their next game engines. Probably not, but one can always hope.

Anyway, that offer has been posted on November 30th; more information can be found here.

Source: Doom3World.org

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  1. I think that they are looking for people with XML and Flash experience because many of the systems, notably Playstation 2, I believe, have the ability to use Flash for interfaces. In fact, many of the menu screens and UI designs for EA games are driven by Flash and a custom player.

  2. Zach: yes, maybe. Just to confirm what you said, I’ve done a little search on the subject and EA do use a proprietary Flash converter *or* player – they do mention Flash as a requirement when looking for someone to do UI stuff – for example, on DICE’s job page. Other company had used something similar for the Playstation a long time ago too (hm.. on “Jedi Starfighter” or something).

    It’s a bit odd to see this on Raven’s page, though, as I know they’re not related to EA – but maybe they have something similar, or maybe they just mentioned it because they want artists with scripting abilities too. Who knows.

  3. YOu do NOT want to work for Raven. The place has turned into a mill. The boss Brian Raffel could care less about his workers unless you are part of his gold old boys club. They do NO work and get ALL the accolades. (hope you like low pay and insane overtime and NO gratitude)

    How do I know? Spent over 8 years and have witnessed the worst.

    Avoid Raven like the plague

    scott mcnutt

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