Defence Alliance 2 Beta 1 released

Yesterday, the first public version of Defence Alliance 2 (Beta 1) was finally released. Defence Alliance 2 is an assault mod, featuring custom gameplay (new maps, weapons) and character classes (a la Team Fortress). Most of it has been done before, but I like to believe DA2 has put been put together quite well.

The reason I’m posting this is because I’ve done the interface work for the mod – drawing the new components, menus and dialogs and reskinning everything – so it’s cool to see it released to the public after a couple of months of hard work. It’s nothing extraordinary, and there’s some stuff left to be done, but thanks to the rest of the team, it feels really polished. If you have UT2k4 and you play mods, give it a shot.

It can be downloaded freely from the Defence Alliance 2 website. There’s also an online manual teaching the secrets of the game. You can also see reviews at Amped News (part 1 and part 2) and at Unreal Reviews.