Remote driving with Flash

I hate to repeat stuff that’s already out there, but this is just too cool to let it pass. Marcos Weskamp has created a remote driver application in Flash – more information and the application itself here – in which you can remotely drive a small RC car on their office. It’s pretty cool just to stay on the queue watching other people control it and chat at the same time.

It’s a bit lagged (the server is located in Tokyo, Japan) but definitely a good example of what Flashcomm can do (although I think the same result could be achieved with a simple XMLSockets server, only that it’d be cheaper).

In other news, the logo turtle is jealous and demands attention.

2 responses

  1. Hi Zeh, we wouldn’t be able to do this with XMLSocket because it does not support video transmission. And I guess we will never see a XMLSocket server with such support.

  2. Oops, in fact – I wasn’t thinking about the video stream stuff, just the data exchange. True, that won’t work with xmlsockets and it’s not on the sockets scope.

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