Mode 7 in Flash redux

Now that’s fast. Some weeks ago a new technique for Mode 7 emulation in Flash – or Z-mapping as real programmers would call it – was introduced by PercyPea on a FlashKit forum thread. Now, a full-featured game using a similar technique has been developed and is on testing – here’s the full scope on it. It’s basically a very original racing game, albeit similar (in playability) to Mario Kart.

It’s still an open beta test, and it has some issues. I’d point the small screen size (I’ve seen previous prototypes from the original FlashKit thread running as fast as this one, even with larger movies) and the wacky control scheme (something is just strange; maybe I’m expecting it to be F-Zero like). But still, it’s a very good start and it certainly doesn’t lack on features (tracks, characters, and so on).

The game will be on open beta for 24hs, then they’ll look for a hosting/publishing partner, so be sure to test it within that timeframe.