FastFroots developers interviewed has a very nice interview with Extrajetzt from Germany, developers of the pseudo-3D, mode-7 emulation, Mario Kart-clone game Fast Froots (more information on this previous post). It’s a pretty nice, in-depth, technical interview. Here’s a quote:

What are the most important aspects of your game engine ?

<am> The first version of the 3dengine, which fastfroots is using, was running with 72 MovieClips to display the 3d effect. This is very processor intensive, but results best resolution and quality. While we developed fastfroots, percypea on posted an engine with one difference. The important thing on his engine, was to split the stripes in front of the camera into bigger pieces. That’s great to reduce the number of movieclips, but it’s also more dirty looking:o)

AndrĂ© Michelle, of course, is one of the developers, so you know it’s a top-notch interview. Read away!