Round-up of usfxr uses from around the web

Now that usfxr has an in-editor window for audio generation right inside Unity, I’m considering it stable. I’ll probably do a few benchmarks in the future to improve any performance bottlenecks I’m able to identity, and maybe add a few more examples to the repository, but for all intents and purposes it is production-ready.

Given that, I figured I’d do a search to see if anyone was using the library, and how. I found quite a few, so I’d do like to share some picks here.

D-Lask has been posting a few interesting videos of Unity experiments into his Vine stream, including one using usfxr with the Playstation move (enable audio to hear it):

Love Connection is a Ludum Dare game by thecodermonkey using the “Minimalism” theme. It’s a great, great entry for Ludum Dare, and it’s not surprising it ranked very well (#8) in the overall Ludum Dare results.

1Fuel is an old Ludum Dare entry by unitycoder_com under the theme “You Only Get One”. It’s a simple game, but one with an interesting gameplay mechanic.

The same developer has a blog with a lot more small examples and tests that use usfxr.

Super Minimalistic Nuclear Space Potatoes! is a Unity game by Hatscat also for Ludum Dare under the “Minimalism” theme.

And finally, a while ago, Jorge Garcia tweeted a picture of the “SpaceGame” example running on a PS Vita, which makes me pretty giddy:

Awesome seeing other people trying it out!