This is the personal website for Zeh Fernando. It is my main repository for information. It’s supposed to be simple, you know. I’m not selling anything.

I live in New York, NY, where I work for Meta’s Reality Labs as a Software Engineer.

I can be reached at the email zeh {AT} zehfernando.com. For more information, check my (work-in-progress) portfolio at portfolio.zehfernando.com.

More about me

Awesome companies I’ve worked for in the past

Online interviews/Q&As

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Class-related content

  • ActionScript 2 & Flash Lite 2 – Senac, 2007 (1st semester) - Files (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • ActionScript 2 & Flash – Senac, 2007 (2nd semester) – Brazilian Portuguese - Files (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Processing – Senac, 2008 (1st semester) – Brazilian Portuguese - Files & Table of contents (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • ActionScript 2 & Flash Lite 3 – Senac, 2009 (1st semester) – Brazilian Portuguese - Files & Table of contents (Brazilian Portuguese)

Other groups I’m part of

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