Firstborn is looking for a senior Flash/AS3 developer, of all things

Just as a heads up, Firstborn is looking for a senior-level AS3 developer for our NY offices. You can find more information about this position here.

We’re still saying to ourselves “I can’t believe we’re looking for a Flash developer”. Truth be told, while Firstborn has established its reputation for visual interface acuity in the heydays of Flash-based websites, the bulk of our target platforms now are HTML and (native) mobile.

When you look at problems in a framework-agnostic way, however, Flash still solves some challenges in a faster and better way than the alternatives. With that said, we’re hiring for a very specific project, and one I’m very excited about; it is a “sister” project to the one I’m currently working on. It’s a commercial thing (not a game), but still one interesting interface and a chance to work on a product-like project.

If you’re interested, please contact us. If you know someone who might be, please forward them the link.

As a side note, this is a full time position for our NY offices. Due to the way this is deployed and tested (it is not a web project), and because it is supposed to take a while, it cannot be a freelance or remote gig.

  • Joao

    Ouch, too bad I don’t have U.S a passport ;-(

    Would happily exchange the World Cup for some intense AS3 action 😉

  • Rafael Lima

    Wait a minute…
    401k year? Really?

    • Zeh

      401(k) is not the salary. That’s the name of the private pension system used in the US.

      Pra explicar: nos EUA, vocĂȘ pode contribuir pra previdĂȘncia privada se vocĂȘ quiser. Mas Ă© comum algumas empresas terem um serviço deles mesmo, onde vocĂȘ entra e pode contribuir pra uma conta prĂłpria, chamado 401k. A vantagem do 401k Ă© que a contribuição Ă© excluĂ­da dos impostos, entĂŁo Ă© um belo rendimento. A desvantagem Ă© que vocĂȘ sĂł pode sacar quando tiver com 53 anos (ou coisa assim). Se sacar antes, tem um desconto.

      Adicionalmente, Ă s vezes as empresas tĂȘm uma polĂ­tica de “match”, onde eles contribuem pro seu 401k uma taxa equivalente do que vocĂȘ contribui. Na Firstborn, o atual Ă© contribuir 50% de atĂ© 6% do seu 401k. Ou seja, na prĂĄtica, se vocĂȘ “contribuir” 10% do seu salĂĄrio pro seu 401k, a Firstborn banca 50% dos primeiros 6%, ou seja, 3%. VocĂȘ paga 10% (do seu salĂĄrio bruto), mas tem 13% depositados.

      401k Ă© uma boa idĂ©ia. Mas sim, o nome Ă© meio estranho e pode levar a confusĂ”es. É por causa do nome no cĂłdigo de lei… cĂłdigo 401, subseção k.

  • I am a young developer based in NJ. Although I may not fit the standard ‘senior programmer’ profile, I am a very good choice for companies that want to be successful. I have made many flash creations, including a few online multiplayer games all on my own. I have worked professionally on flash mmo games. I don’t have any native mobile experience because virtually all of my mobile development has been as3 Starling (which I think is fantastic). Would you rather have someone with 7+ years experience who is used to Flash CS3 and coding for flash player 9, or would you rather have someone who is up on the most current of technologies, working with electroserver, dragonbones, DMT for starling…
    I am also very knowledgable of different software development methodologies. I have worked in two drastically different environments. In one almost all requirements were set out at the beginning and we followed a waterfall style. The other was more agile development, with pair progrmming, whiteboard meetings, and the final product always evolving to the customer needs. Whatever you style is, if you want a great as3 developer you should contact me. 🙂