Public service announcement: full Game Developer Magazine archive available online

Game Developer Magazine

The full archive for the Game Developer Magazine is now available for free on the GDC Vault in PDF format. This is an incredible (and sadly missed) magazine. I recommend any aspiring, hobbyist, or independent game developer peruse through this archive. It contains many insightful articles for all fields related to game development, from audio to graphics to programming to design to marketing to management.

Game Developer, an in-depth monthly magazine for exposing ‘the art and business of video games’, was published by UBM Tech (which also runs Game Developers Conference and from 1994 to 2013. Following the magazine’s closure in July 2013, we’ve compiled an archive and made them freely available here for all to enjoy. (Also check out the Game Developer section on Gamasutra for some of the best reprinted articles from these issues.)

I previously wrote about how you should subscribe to this magazine. Unfortunately the magazine is now gone, but you can read everything that was published before.