Programming platforms I’ve used, 1986-2012

One day I started filling a spreadsheet with all the languages I’ve used over the years (and with percentages of focus on each one) with the intention of creating a chart.

It got bigger than I expected. I guess never counted how many platforms I had actually used.

Programming platforms chart

The original chart (created in LibreOffice) didn’t look exactly good, so I decided to write custom code to plot the chart the exact way I wanted it to look like. This is the result. It was created with some messy JS code that rendered the data to a canvas object. I tweaked the colors a little bit and added the titles in Photoshop.

I think it’s an interesting visualization of the platforms I’ve used. There are many different solutions to the problem, I think, but so far I’m pretty happy with this result.

Please view in the original size.

The source code can be found here. It was never meant to be released nor too flexible so it’s a little bit too linear and hard-coded, but what the hell.

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  1. Zeh, this is rad!

    And even more so that you generated it via js and canvas.

    Any plans on releasing that code to play with?

    *hint hint*

  2. Yeah, Python & Ruby are two languages I’ve always been thinking of learning but never got around to it.

    But hey, I’m learning some Haskell on the side. Does that make me cool enough? 🙂

  3. Well, I think working for firstborn makes you cool enough brotha, but knowing Python would make people in the office view you in a surreal light. They would expect that any of your answers to their heavy life questions would be absolutely == True.

    Besides Python, here’s my inside tip on what will be worth learning this year: Unity + Kinect + Zigfu. Spoke with Amir at and they are about to release the Flash ZDK in about a month. They are also working on analytics for Zigfu. There you go… more to learn… Honey Badger programmers don’t care… get cracking. 🙂

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