First Post!

Ok. This is the first official post, after I’ve set most of the templates and the whole site doesn’t look like cr*p… just a part of it does now.

Anyway: the idea of this entry collection is to talk about actionscript coding, games, typography and sprite art, everything strictly Flash-related. Yeah, I hate obtuse entries on Flash-based logs too; and even though I think that there are way too many Flash stuff out there, I believe just a few to none of them are covering gaming and typography. I hope I’m up to the task.

The entries are divided into categories, shown at the left side of the title. Each icon indicates the entry’s related categories, and clicking the icons will take you to the category archive. There’s also a “Misc” category which I’ll try to keep usage to a minimum.

There are also just a few links and menus on the sides of the page. I’ll keep it that way. I don’t think I have to link the whole internet on this page. You can go to Google if you will and type whatever you want to find. I’ll keep my focus on related stuff thankyouverymuch.